Shake, Shake, Shake, Señora

Last night Misty shook Liza nearly awake twice.

Last night Liza slept very well.

This is just crazy. If you shook me nearly awake, I doubt I’d sleep any better. Then again, if you picked me up and shook me up and down, I wouldn’t like it very much, yet Liza thinks that’s the best thing ever.

I know, post hoc ergo the plural of anecdote isn’t data. You know what? You can stay up all night with your scientific skepticism and see if it keeps you as warm as my bed did last night.

4 thoughts on “Shake, Shake, Shake, Señora

  1. In our Breastfeeding for Couples class, the teacher emphasized waking up the baby for feeding, and suggested that this could be a fun thing for dad to do – waking up the baby. This seemed counterintuitive to me, since it appeared the difficult problem was getting the baby to go to sleep – once it was asleep, why wake it up?

    Your anecdote seems to be in line with the teacher’s suggestion.

  2. You only have to wake them at night until they start gaining weight so for the first few days to a week. After that, let the baby sleep!!!

  3. I thought it also had to do with me maintaining my milk supply and not getting painfully engorged by missing feedings…but I guess I could pump and/or manually express.

  4. That situation is only going to happen if he sleeps for many multiple hours between feedings and a little baby is going to wake up to get food in his belly. You can pretty much count on that the same way you count on the sun coming up in the morning.

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