making money

since the money from the bounceTM is not yet pouring in i need another way to pay for college and i have come up with a plan to rent myself out to single guys as a way to pick up women.

i have seen how women flock around dadadada when he carries me. now imagine you are single and there are gorgeous women so you go by with me like in a bookstore or something and stop and play with me some. then i wander up to the woman you select and look adorable and maybe lift up my arms like i want to be picked up. you go to her and apologize, and start talking. ‘cute kid,’ she says, and you are all ‘yes but he is not mine i am keeping him for a while. he belongs to some friends of mine and i wanted them to have some time of their own so i volunteered to keep eli because that is his name.’ and she will be all swoon and then you are set.

i have not decided yet how much i should charge for this.

7 thoughts on “making money

  1. That’s a great idea!

    You should survey the dating services in your hometown and charge ten percent more (after all, you’re working directly with your customers).

  2. Eli,
    As a single girl, it is my opinion that this is a great idea! You could make a lot of money. Maybe as a bonus you could also have a cute puppy. That way you could charge more if the guy has you AND the puppy.


  3. You get one of those little kitten/puppy carrier thingies:

    Admittedly, it might be a bit large for Eli just now, but the whole point is that the single guy rents it and wears it himself, I think.

  4. this is a good point, in many cases people just give advice or do like a computer match or something. this is much more personal.

  5. i will have to see, i do like both puppies and kittens, when we were on my roadtrip there were cats to play with and they were fun, but then the dogs i have met have been fun too. maybe i could do both./

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