this is why you wear green on saint patricks day

mamamama did not wear green today and today is saint patricks day and you are supposed to wear green. she did not and that made today not a lot of fun.

we went to get gas in our car and she pumped gas but then something broke and there was gas everywhere, she got in the car smelling of dinosaurs. then she wasn’t happy although she did play with me when we got back home so she could shower. then she made us go shopping and that was boring because she had not put me in green either so it wasn’t any fun. at least we got to go to a car place afterwards and there were cars to play with.

but mamamama was grumpy like i am sometimes grumpy but not often. and we did so much that i was all tired out.

dadadada wore green and had a good day. this proves my point which is like where i am supposed to say q e d that means ‘who watches the watchmen.’

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