pictures of me finding eggs

so i found out mamamama and dadadada took these pictures of me on friday during the egg hunt and here they are.

this is me and a basket i don’t think it is mine but that’s okay it had tasty eggs

here is mamamama giving me an egg.

this is before i knew that tasty stuff was inside the egg so i was tasting its outside and it tasted all plastic.

see some eggs have cheerios in them.

now it is late so i am going to sleep. tomorrow i will tell you about the big fish i saw.

6 thoughts on “pictures of me finding eggs

  1. Wow, the egg hunt looks like a lot of fun! You are also very lucky, because I just checked, and none of the eggs in my refrigerator had any cheerios in them.

  2. i do not know because i ate the cheerios out of that egg, i mean i ate most of the cheerios, i did spill some. the next time i have an egg i will try it.

  3. What I want to know is, what lays the egg with the cheerios in it? Is it some kind of mutant chicken with a hole in the middle? Does it stay crispy in milk?

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