eggs and pile of babies

i forgot to tell everyone about hunting eggs on friday, it was fun, mamamama and dadadada both came to playgroup and we wandered around will’s backyard and picked up eggs. i do not know what kind of backyard will has because everyone knows eggs are in the refrigerator and not the backyard but whatever.

mamamama would never let me take an egg from the refrigerator and now i know why, it is because they are full of snacks like crackers and fruit snacks. next time i am in our refrigerator i will grab an egg from the refrigerator and break it open to get to the tasty insides.

sunday it was nursery full of babies and what was even better is that mamamama and dadadada kept all of us. at one point dadadada was chasing me and one of my friends around and i liked that. then three of us piled into this inner tube like thing and we were all ‘baby pile./’ baby piles are fun.

4 thoughts on “eggs and pile of babies

  1. Here’s a secret: some of the eggs are chocolate! They are usually wrapped in shiny paper, just so you know.
    Don’t tell mamamama and dadadada that I told you. They may not want you to know about those kinds of eggs.


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