What I Learned in Japan About Fetuses

A priority seat sign on a train in Japan.

Unborn babies are very noisy.

7 thoughts on “What I Learned in Japan About Fetuses

  1. PS – “What I learned in Japan about…” is my favourite right now. I totally wait with great anticipation for my feed reader to announce another one, then get manically depressed thinking it must be the last of the series once I’ve read it.

  2. I can’t help but read that as a series of events: first a baby-shaped monster sits on someone’s lap and sizes up their stomach, then burrows inside. Then, as the person is doubled over in pain, someone saws off their leg. In the last panel, they experience phantom limb pain.

  3. i am loving the “what i learned in japan…” posts. too funny. so you stephen!
    as a side note, i just finished catching up on posts over the last week and 1/2…yes, i was that far behind! anywhoo…i love the bath pictures…kids eating the soap and drinking the water. it doesn’t get any better!

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