Stalk Me at Dragon*Con

For those of you who aren’t tracking my every move via my state-mandated ankle bracelet, here’s my schedule of panels for Dragon*Con over in Atlanta this Labor Day weekend.

A Long, Sad History: Automatic Docking in Orbit
In June of 1997, astronauts crashed a resupply ship into the Mir while attempting a manual docking. In 2005, NASA crashed one satellite into another while attempting automatic docking. Why is on-orbit docking so hard? It’s just rocket science!
Saturday, 4:00 PM, in Forsythe.

That one should be interesting. I knew there had been a number of docking mishaps before I started my research, but dang, I had no idea how many there really were. Plus now I have a chance to pick an audience member and whirl them around at one Hertz.

Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow: 6th Annual Recruiting Session, Membership Drive and Bake Sale
Members of the professional association for the working Evil Genius discuss various methods of taking over the world for fun and profit, avoiding common mistakes and the design of secret lairs. See the newly crowned ‘SUPER VILLIAN’. Evil Geniusy things abound!
Saturday, 5:30 PM in A601-A602.

This year’s theme is “steampunk”, which means I’ll wear a pair of welding goggles and otherwise ignore the theme. My plan to take over the world, oddly enough for me, doesn’t really include lasers this time around. Plus I’ve got some ideas about how to be evil on the cheap. Hint: why build super-expensive laser-guided bombs when you’ve got dogs?

WhatTheCast – LIVE!
The people behind Dragon*Con TV bring you a LIVE (we hope) version of their chaotic, and amazingly funny, WhatTheCast.
Sunday, 1:00 PM in Rockdale.

In keeping with our normal mode of operation for our podcast, I’ve no idea what we’re going to do, beyond making Brian try that rock-hard package of Big League Chew he won at the Jonathan Coulton/Paul and Storm concert.

Build Your Own Quantum Computer for Fun and Profit!
Quantum computers may be like artificial intelligence and fusion: always ten years away. But just in case, come find out how quantum computers work, why people are interested in them, and how you can build your own.
Sunday, 4:00 PM in Henry.

Now this one should be a blast, especially since I’ve got a lot of audience participation planned. Ever wanted to be a qubit? Now’s your chance!

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