my remaining eye is okay thanks

we got up early to go to the doctor for mama and i got to run around and play with the nurses and everything but my left eye had been bothering me. it had been gunky the night before and now it was really gunky. so i got to go to my own doctor, it didn’t take very long, but it turns out i have this thing called pink eye. now i am not a doctor but i think that is a stupid name, my eye isn’t pink, it has this green stuff in it. it should be called green eye. i am trying to not rub my eyes or anything but it is very hard.

i need sympathy.

17 thoughts on “my remaining eye is okay thanks

  1. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well. Pink eye is no fun. But, look on the bright side, at least you don’t have it in both eyes.

    I hope you feel better soon. If all works out, I’ll be sure to give you extra cuddle time on Tues. night.


  2. I have some pictures of you up in my office and EVERYONE comments on how cute you are. They now comment more on you than Katie!
    I hope this makes you feel better! I also hope your eye does not stop you from dancing since I know you enjoy it so.


  3. Aww! Hope you feel better soon! It’s not fun having pink eye, but if you don’t rub the eye, then you’ll get better faster, I promise. I definitely vote that you should get a patch for your eye and go around being a pirate. That will make you feel lots better!

  4. i know better than that, da is always telling me that you should always be the one pointing the laser and not the one who is having the laser pointed at him.

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