i do not like eyedrops

thank you everyone for your sympathy, it makes me feel better. plus now i know to ask for an eyepatch, i will get right on that.

but i did not get an eyepatch, i got eyedrops. i guess they are helping me because my eye really was pink today and not all green but they sting and i do not like them. i bet i could stop taking my eyedrops right now and i would be okay.

2 thoughts on “i do not like eyedrops

  1. Eli, don’t stop using your eyedrops. They will make you well and when I come to see you in a few days, you will be well and we can play and play. I use
    eyedrops too.

  2. I hate them as well, man. But you’re best to keep using them. Or you might have to have those contact lens things that Da puts in his eyes every day.

    [Oh, who am I kidding? You’re probably as blind as your parents are.]


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