Children’s Toys Scare Me

At first, I didn’t realize this truism: toys are scary. I was too busy being sleep deprived after Eli’s birth to notice. Awareness crept up on me, as Eli accumulated more and more toys.

You don’t believe me. I can tell. In fact, you are thinking that I am sleep-deprived and hallucinating. It is true that I am hopped up on cough medicine, but this is no hallucination. Behold: a peep.

Giant Scary Stuffed Peep

This is not the friendly marshmallow candy of yore. This is a gigantic peep, the kind that would stomp around large metropolitan areas when summoned accidentally by Ray Stantz. Peeps may be cute-but-bland when they are but an inch high, but they take on a frightening aspect at these sizes.

Eli, of course, loves his peep.

You may not appreciate just how large and scary the peep is from the above picture. The peep is the size of Eli’s head.

Eli's got a peep on his head

Run! Hide the children!

2 thoughts on “Children’s Toys Scare Me

  1. You think the peep looks big on Eli, you should see Sam’s peep on his head! And since his is pink, it looks like a giant brain sucker taking over my son.

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