Don’t Delay Joy

Several years ago, while we were living in North Carolina I did a lot of yoga. There are many benefits of yoga; a lot are physical in nature, some are of a decidedly more spiritual kind. One of the best things it did for me spiritually was to make me to slow down and breathe. Until you slow down regularly you have no idea how fast you live your life. Taking an hour to do yoga causes you to slow down during the rest of your day and enjoy lots of little things.

One of the things I decided to do to remember those little things was to start a joy list. Here are some excerpts from my list. Some are serious, some won’t mean much to you, and some are downright silly but maybe it will help you to slow down and think about what you would put on your own joy list.

1. Stephen’s laugh
4. the smell of lavender
7. finishing a cross-stitch piece
9. making bread
11. talking to my mom for an hour and a half on the phone
14. the beach
17. clothes warm from the dryer
19. watching Chili romp on the floor (our pet Chinchilla who died shortly after moving here)
28. visiting with Alana in Nashville
29. finding a new watch to buy
35. Farscape reruns
54. listening to it rain
67. new friends in a new city
68. old friends in an old city
75. communion at church
77. The Bedroom by Van Gogh
87. new whitie imac
92. movers who pack our stuff for us
105. watching Stephen graduate from Duke
116. seeing Canadian geese in the field by our house
117. Mellow Mushroom Pizza
125. Cirque du Soleil
130. wedding dresses
137. family and friends who help you paint
143. finding out that what you have is better than what you wanted in the first place
144. waiting for the baby
147. my grandma at my house
150. the sun through the blinds making stripes in the kitchen
152. hearing Eli say, “I love Mommy”

So I invite you to share your joy list too. I don’t think any of our lists can ever be too long.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Delay Joy

  1. 1. Katie’s tail wagging when I walk in the door.
    2. Marking tasks off my “to do” list at work
    3. Hearing the beginning drum beats of my favorite song
    4. Watching someone cry because she is laughing so hard
    5. Vegging on the couch after a run and a shower
    6. Reading what my (real) friends wrote in my high school yearbooks
    7. Trying on a smaller size and finding that it fits!
    8. Reading a book that is so intriguing that I can’t put it down
    9. Eli’s sign language
    10. The Broadway channel on Accuradio
    11. Chocolate chip pancakes

  2. Oooh, LB, I love your list!

    Geof, I find that I have lots I want to say but am trying to limit myself to one post a day for fear of overloading people.

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