It’s Eli’s Musical World…I’m Just Singing Backup In It

Yesterday morning Eli woke up between 5:30 and 6 a.m. Normally, this isn’t a problem because we supply a secondary binkie in his bed for him to find. He chats for a minute, finds the binkie and hangs out in the bed for another half hour to 45 minutes until I am coherent enough to be standing.

Yesterday morning however, Eli couldn’t find or lost the second binkie (don’t ask me how the first always ends up in the middle of his bedroom floor for me to step on when I come in in the mornings, because I DON’T KNOW!) and to entertain himself while I caught a few more snoozes, he started singing to himself the ABCs.

There are few things that get you going as a parent more than your kid singing the ABC song in his cute little kid lisp. So I was resting in bed listening to him over the monitor sing and was thinking this was a pretty good way to start my day. Then he sang it again. Then he sang it again. And again. And Again. And AGAIN.

By the time we were eating breakfast he had progressed to what I now call the William Shatner interpretive vocal stylings version of the ABC song.

“A……B……C….(imagine large hand gestures here)…. ….. D (furrowed brow here)…(another thoughtful pause here) E….,” and so on until you get to LMNOP which comes out sounding like, “EllaminnowPEE!” with a wild back and forth head wobble. The whole thing ends off with a hushed, “Now…I’ve…said…my…A…B…C…s” If you’ve ever heard Shatner do “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” this is what this version sounds like. He didn’t know why I thought it was so funny, but he laughed along with me, which of course, made it even funnier. After that first round of hilarity, we continued to get ready for him to go to Mother’s Morning Out.

While we were driving to the church, he came up with a new version of the song which I call his Louis Armstrong “What a Wonderful World” version. It’s in a much deeper voice that he normally uses, is sort of gravelly and there are lots of teeth involved. This particular version cracked me up even more and I laughed about it all morning long.

Fast forward to this morning. We were sitting at the breakfast table and since Stephen is out of town, Rachel is staying at our house for my moral support. So we are eating our cereal, Rachel and I are having some fairly random before caffeine conversation and Eli starts in on the Sesame Street “Manamana” song. He’s doing the “manamana’s” and then waiting for me to do the “do-do-do-do’s” with a look on his face that clearly says, “You’re missing your cues, Mom. Keep up!” (He’s not rolling his eyes yet but I can so see it coming.) Then Rachel is laughing at us and trying to do the “manamana’s” as well and soon we were all laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. Trust me, there were lots of really loud “MA-NA-MA-NAs!!” going on.

It’s all even funnier in that Ha-Ha!-the-universe-will-get-you kind of way when I say that I never intended to listen to kid’s music or let my kid dictate what I would listen to, especially in the car. All I can tell you is that I’ve always wanted to be a backup singer. I just didn’t know it would be for a two year old singing, “Do-do-do-do-dos” or that I would think it was so much fun.

2 thoughts on “It’s Eli’s Musical World…I’m Just Singing Backup In It

  1. Misty, I really enjoyed this post because of just being at your home and hearing Eli sing the ABC song. I like you, love hearing him sing, so keep on encouraging it.

  2. Oh, thank you, I needed a good giggle. 😀

    I did try to teach Eli the Hammer Song, as I recall, which would give you some variety. But he was having none of it. Then he brought me the screwdriver.

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