Brand Loyalty

The other night, Liza was tearing through a piece of cake (Liza’s motto: “AHHHHHHHH! CAAAAAAAKE!”), so of course we had to take another picture in the ongoing series of “Liza eats something and gets it all over her”. We didn’t have our real camera at hand, so I took a picture with my iPhone.

A cake-covered Liza points at the camera.

The moment she saw the iPhone, she pointed at it. “Ooooh,” she said. “Ap-ple.”

6 thoughts on “Brand Loyalty

  1. I’m now imagining a developmental check-up along these lines:

    DOC: Liza, what’s this? [holds up apple]
    LIZA: Don’t know!
    YOU: Hang on, let me take a carefully-shaped bite out of that… [munch]
    LIZA: Ap-ple!

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