Update of What I’ve Been Working On

Body Farm Poster
This poster was for the “My Bloody Valentine” library event that happened this past Friday night. We were playing up Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day happening back to back this year. I was really pleased with the way the poster turned out. A friend attended the event and emailed me that Dr. Bass, one of the Body Farm authors, loved it and the crowd gave it a round of applause when he mentioned it. Thinking about it is still giving me a thrill.

Friendship Cross Stitch
A cross stitch piece I finished about a week ago. I wish now I had photographed it with a quarter so you can tell how small it is. It’s just under four inches tall. It was my first attempt at miniature cross stitch.

S is for
A blank book I made with my new Bind-It-All machine. I used watercolor paper for the inside pages and the cover is made from a Charley Harper Puzzle Piece. Here’s the back.

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