Liza is a Talking Fool

These days, Liza says a lot of words. You can only understand a handful of them, of course, and then only if she points to the object she’s referring to, but she’s gone beyond what she could say in June!

Er, except she still likes talking about butterflies.

But there are a lot of other animals she likes to talk about! Like birds.

And ducks.

And elephants.

And frogs.

And monkeys. (Gosh, she knows what a lot of animals say.)

And pterodactyls!

And dinosaurs! (Generic ones, I guess.)

Of course, she’s interested in things other than animals. For example, she talks about food a lot. She’s fond of blueberries.

While she likes bananas in general, when they’re baked into bread, she’s in love.

Nothing, though, beats cake. Just tonight we were reading a book and she became very excited when she saw a cake on one page.

She’s started singing songs, and when she gets started, it can be hard to get her to stop. Here’s the first part of her singing “Deep and Wide”.

Liza likes “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, but she tends to get distracted by making twinkly star hand motions.

A number of her songs come from Yo Gabba Gabba, like this one.

One of her favorite songs from the show is I Like Fish. The lyrics are: “I like fish. I! Like! Fish! I like fish! I! LIKE! FISH!” You can imagine what we think of the song.

When I was recording Liza, she was fascinated by the microphone.

Liza’s fond of splashing in the tub. Of course, she has to narrate what she’s doing.

Back in the summer, she liked asking, “What’s that?” She doesn’t do that any more. Now she asks, “What’s this?”

I love how she says “yes” and “no”.

And now the sound that kills me every time she makes it.

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