Solomon Stone is Rad

If you’re like me — and I know you are — then you like things that are awesome. And have I got something awesome for you!

Cover to The Chronicles of Solomon Stone

Solomon Stone! He’s a half-vampire private eye who’s also a skateboard champ, and he’s so amazing that he has three fists of justice, and all of them are filled with revolvers. Chris Sims‘s creation is a sight to behold, and it is possible that you will not survive reading about his exploits.

The whole first issue is free to read online, and you can even grab a CBZ or PDF of the comic. And if you die from far surpassing the LD50 of awesome, you can thank me later.

4 thoughts on “Solomon Stone is Rad

    1. I’ve been reading Chris’s blog for a number of years now. His exegesis of the Anita Blake comic adaptation is a riot, as is his occasional terrifying look at the Tarot comics. Warning warning warning: that link above is so very not safe for work. In fact, just having the link in this comment may make the entire comment NSFW by association.

  1. Chris Sims is awesome, I agree, and I hadn’t been following the ISB like I used to, so thanks for the heads up. You can clearly tell who he’s been reading of late.

  2. A description like that COMPELS me to click the link. I was snickering uncontrollably through most of the post. Then I had to infect Amy with the “brilliant eleven words”. 🙂

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