9 thoughts on “My Bedtime as a Function of My Age

  1. Two things:

    1) The endpoints are wrong. You didn’t sleep before age 4? Also, you’re not 40 yet. [Which isn’t to say that I don’t have the date marked and won’t be conspiring with both kids to really make you feel old that day. AHEM.]

    2) What’s that period between college and grad school? Is that Senior Year at Ouachita?

  2. WHICH senior year at OBU? 😉 Don’t you mean that those points are your last 2 yrs there?

  3. I like to think I inspired this one by complimenting your other one. 😛
    Hey when is Eli going to do another review?

  4. 1. Did you really not sleep the first two years, or are you just noting that your sleeptime was Liza-quality variable?

    2. Way to go, Pop, for getting a good dig in on the boy. [I had three senior years, if we’re being honest.]

  5. Mainly I didn’t want to put the big variable sleep jaggies before year two, since that would have spoiled the joke later in the graph.

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