A House Concert with Eric Peters

Saturday night I had the privilege to see a house concert. Geof hosted Eric Peters at his condo clubhouse and the audience consisted of me and six other people. And Eric. Eric playing some really amazing music.

I don’t know if the concert would have been as amazing with any other singer. Would I have been as moved if it had been anybody else? Would I have connected to the songs in the same way if someone else had been singing? And I think the answer is no. The music was amazing and his singing even more so. He’s one of those rare people who actually sound better in person than on a record. And he truly has a gift for storytelling.

I enjoyed myself tremendously and can’t wait for August when he’s playing here in town again.

Eric Peters
Geof got this great photo of Eric and the small group.

6 thoughts on “A House Concert with Eric Peters

  1. I love house concerts because you’re on your own schedule. It’s just so relaxed and intimate—you can interrupt each other! You can ask questions! It’s just so awesome.

    Misty, we should have Eric do another house show sometime around the show in August, if you’re interested. We’d have to talk him into it and put him up somewhere, but I think that can be arranged.

  2. If you ever get the chance, you should totally get Bill Mallonee to do a house show for you. A friend of mine set one up as a birthday party for another friend, and we crammed 15 people into his living room and were spellbound for the next 3 hours. I haven’t heard Eric Peters before, but if anyone could put on as amazing a show, it’s Bill Mallonee and his wife Muriah Rose. I’m not sure if he’s still doing house concerts after re-grouping Vigilantes of Love, but he was amazing!

  3. I have been to a couple of house concerts in Mountain View. I really like the intimate setting that they present. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Matt – Thanks for the suggestion. Be on the lookout for Eric in your area. I know he goes there from time to time.

    Limax – Who did you get to see play?

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