More Words on the Science Fair Article

That Intelligent Design science fair article of mine has brought an influx of new visitors. Welcome! As the conversation went with Misty last night:

ME: Hey, look at that, another new set of visitors reading “Science Unfair.” That story’s got legs! It’s got legs, I tell you.

MISTY: Yeah, legs it evolved.

Feel free to stick around, though I warn you that most of our blog’s content is us going on about our kid and how cute he is except when he’s being annoying. There’s not much other science content here. Although I am a Ph.D. physicist, so there’s no telling when I’ll bust out with a comment about an explanation of counterfactual quantum computation that uses puppies to make its point.

3 thoughts on “More Words on the Science Fair Article

  1. Reading about the puppies that are or are not there and the salad that is not purely salad but may be a combination of steak and salad until either the puppy or the experimenter sees it and identifies it as one or the other has made my head hurt. Now I know why I didn’t go into physics….there weren’t enough cute puppies to make me do it 🙂 or stead 😀

  2. Reminds me of the time Aaron described a radar system using an ashtray and magic teleporting chocolates.

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