What the heck is P.O.T.S.?

This morning on the way to the grocery store Eli said to me:
“P and a O and a T and a S!!”

In my head I’m thinking, “What the heck did he see that had pots on it?”

At the same moment this thought is finishing running in my head, Eli says, ever so proudly, “Stop Sign, Mamma, Stop Sign!”

Yeah, that’s my kid reading signs there.

9 thoughts on “What the heck is P.O.T.S.?

  1. He’s been doing this on and off. The other day I was working on my laptop. Eli wandered over and looked at my laptop. “L and an L and an E and a D. Daddy’s computer!”

  2. Did I miss something? Why is he reading from right to left?

    We don’t know. When he was little he would pretend to read starting from the end of the book and turning the pages in reverse. This seems related somehow, although he now “reads” books in the right order.

    To make things more confusing, he points at the letters from right to left, then when “reading” the word, he moves his finger from left to right.

  3. He’s ready to come work at Adtran!

    POTS – Plain Old Telephone Service

    If he starts spelling out things that end in DSL, we might be able to get him in as a co-op! Those co-ops seem to get younger everyday.

    Last Tuesday, I got:

    I just thought that was priceless.

  4. Holy cow! That’s so awesome! Now you just need to get him to read in the correct order. 😉 Or perhaps he thinks he’s learning Hebrew instead of English…

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