How far we’ve come: Age 2

Let sleeping Lizas lie
Remember when Liza didn’t sleep?

This is where she fell asleep this afternoon. I was on the phone and when I went to her room to rock her and put her down for nap, this is how I found her.

5 thoughts on “How far we’ve come: Age 2

  1. yay for liza! 🙂 see, it’s just a reminder that there is an end in site to sleep issues. 🙂 that’s what i’ll have to remember when we have this baby (soon). 😛

  2. Ramona: Thanks for the comment. We loved, loved, loved The Baby Whisperer books. And the second one, The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems had some awesome suggestions on how to correct bad sleeping habits. I hope very much that you have a super sleeper! But if you don’t, give those books a shot.

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