If you’ve ever wondered what I do while I stitch…

…wonder no more:
Dr. Horrible and the Dragon

7 thoughts on “If you’ve ever wondered what I do while I stitch…

  1. good choice.

    If you have not already seen the tv show can I recommend you netflix all of pushing daisies?

  2. You have GOT to see one of the two Dr. Horrible (live) performances by the Whedon track on Friday of D*Con! Talk to me Thursday/early Friday to arrange where to meet to get in…

  3. Seth: We watched in while it was on tv. I am very sad now that it’s canceled. But also pleased the network let them tie up all the loose ends.
    Vixel: I love me some Dr. H!
    Alana: Yes of course it is! I only have Dr. Horrible and a U2 concert to watch on there.
    Danielle: I plan on “helping” set up the room for both that and Buffy.

  4. Well, I kind of assumed that was one of the things you did, but you’ve confirmed it now. 🙂

  5. Great idea! Now why didn’t I think of that! My bobbing neck thanks you! I indulge myself in videos of old favorites while stitching, too.

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