What I’m Doing at Dragon*Con 2009

Because you are all desperate to know what I’m doing at all times, here are the talks I’m scheduled to give at the Dragon*Con SFF convention this weekend. If you stop by any of the panels, come say hi!

Creating Dragon*Con TV
Friday 4:00 PM, Hilton room 204
Join the folks who write, and produce Dragon*Con TV; now a popular video podcast. You watched, you laughed, you relate – now come see how they do it.

(How we do it: we all get together and frantically make jokes in an attempt to fill the dead air.)

What’s Wrong With Gravity: The Pioneer Anomaly
Friday 5:30 pm, Hilton 203
Pioneer 10 is being dragged towards the Sun & we don’t know why! Is the slow down because of the probe itself, or, is something wrong with gravity?!

(I swear, I didn’t put either that extra comma or the ending exclamation point in the original description.)

Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow: 7th Annual Recruiting Session & Bake Sale
Saturday 4:00 pm, Hilton Crystal Ballroom
Professional EGs discuss methods of taking over the world for fun & profit while avoiding common mistakes made by film & TV villains.

(It’s a Q&A-type panel where I also get to explain how I’m going to take over the world using biology.)

What The Cast – Live!
Sunday 10:00 am, Hilton 204
Brian, Crispy and Patrick (also of Dragon*Con TV) bring their chaotic and hilarious “What The Cast” back to Dragon*Con.

(I’m in there as well, honest.)

Quantum Encryption – Is It the Perfect Encryption Technique?
Sunday 5:30 pm, Hilton 202
Encryption has long been an arms race: every new cipher leads to better code-breaking tools. Have we finally reached the end of that arms race?

(Hint: no, and no.)

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