I’ve Been Cosplayed

You may remember that, two years ago during Dragon*Con, I spontaneously ended up on stage leading the audience in singing Re Your Brains. At the time I described it as the most surreal moment I’d experienced.

It’s been trumped: this year I was cosplayed. Check this business out.

Two people cosplaying from our Code Monkey video

These two strolled into my space panel on the Pioneer Effect and what’s wrong with gravity, a panel that went so well that I distilled the experience down and am selling it as awesomesauce. I mainly noticed the fellow on the right, because he was wearing the same mask as we used in our Code Monkey video. “Huh,” I thought, “that’s a weird coincidence.”

After the panel they approached me. “We loved the Code Monkey video!” they said. “Since we’re dressed like in the video, can we get our picture with you?” I said yes, and only belatedly realized that the guy on the left is supposed to be me in the video. That is both fabulous and spooky.

The other bit that left me rather shaken came as part of the Dragon*Con Late Show. In a new-this-year segment, every morning at 9 AM, Brian Richardson, Ally Pelphrey and I went through new schedule changes and recommended stuff to see during the day. It was a live show that was broadcast throughout all four convention host hotels.

Picture of the Dragon*Con Late Show, copyright 2009 Derek DeWeese

(Photo copyright 2009 Derek DeWeese)

It was being broadcast live, so we had to do the show on the stage in the Hyatt’s big Centennial ballroom, the only room with a live TV feed available. We’d never done this before, so Friday morning was our first chance to see how it went. No sweat, I thought. We were recording an hour before the first panel, and who shows up for a 10 AM panel on Friday morning?

The crowd in Centennial, who were not waiting to see us, I assure you

(Photo copyright 2009 Derek DeWeese)

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy were on the 10 AM panel. We got to do our first ever live show in front of 1,500 people who were most assuredly not there to see my Shatner impersonation. It went well, but I don’t think I stopped shaking from the adrenaline for thirty minutes afterward. If you’re having trouble waking up, I recommend the experience to fix that for you.

Misty and I survived Dragon*Con 2009, and indeed had a wonderful time doing so. We got to hang with a lot of old friends and spend time with new ones, and if my ego was assuaged by people telling us how awesome Dragon*Con TV is, well, them’s the breaks.

9 thoughts on “I’ve Been Cosplayed

  1. Mmmm, awesomesauce. Goes great on pancakes.

    Yeah, I’m not gonna be helping your ego, either. You rock, dude. I can go around bein’ like “I know that guy, so I’m cool by affiliation!” I think DCTV is genius and it is one of the reasons D*Con is so freakin successful. And you’re getting better every year! Yup, awesomesauce.

  2. LOVE IT! I would love to be cosplayed some day–that would be a very obscure reference, though. 😀

    I was also watching your live feed from the ConSuite–and not because I was there to see Shatner. <3

  3. Being “cosplayed” just sounds so dirty. And by a monkey no less…I worry about you Stephen…

  4. That is so awesome! More awesome for the awesomesauce! I’m really glad that you guys had a great time at D*Con as always and I’m really sorry that Sean and I’ve had so many issues getting out to it the past few years.

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