Day at the Botanical Gardens


The Huntsville Botanical Garden just opened its new Nature Center & Children’s Garden and it is fabulous.


The last butterfly house I visited was when we lived in Durham and hung out at the Museum of Life and Science. The new one here is better!


We went with Eli’s playgroup buds: Will, and his mom Chrissy, and Mackenzie, and her mom Kelly.


Eli thought the amazing rock waterfalls were pretty cool.





We had lunch in the garden and then had a snow cone. We also stopped off at the storybook garden.


Tips for your trip to the garden:
1. Take a towel.
2. Take about twice as much water as you think you need.
3. Take spray-on sunscreen.
4. Take a wagon for your kid and your gear to ride in. (Last year they had free wagons for you to use while in the garden but we couldn’t find them this year. Thank goodness Kelly brought hers along!)

We went to the garden last year around this time and it wasn’t nearly as nice as what we experienced today but it was just as hot. Current temprature: 97°, feels like: 102°. Maybe next time we can pick a day to go when it’s only 90° outside.

For the first time in about 10 years I actually have a tan. Go figure.

5 thoughts on “Day at the Botanical Gardens

  1. I have the most awesome wagon for Eli under our bed. Should I go ahead and give it to him before you visit the gardens again? Loved the pictures. Will is a great looking little guy.

  2. Oooh, a butterfly garden! The Botannical Garden here doesn’t have one, but they do have a very nice children’s garden. Maybe we could visit next time you and Eli are in town together. 🙂

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