Conversation over Breakfast (Geof – Don’t Read This!)





“Mom there’s a s-s-snake in my muffin!”


“Yeah, Mom. It’s a muffin snake. But there’s not one here right now. (Long pause with much over-the-shoulder glancing.) Look he’s over there!”

“Well. Thank goodness he’s not eating your muffin.”

“Yeah, Mom.”

5 thoughts on “Conversation over Breakfast (Geof – Don’t Read This!)

  1. The follow-up to the above conversation is this…

    We ran to Michael’s this morning to pick up a couple of things and I told Eli that if he minded me well in the store he could get some new stickers. His question upon hearing this:

    “Snake stickers??!?!?”

  2. I don’t have snake stickers but I will be bring state stickers when we go to Chicago with you next week! Hopefully they will do as well as snake stickers.

  3. Just as soon as he’s big enough to handle one, I should bring over a shotgun and teach him how I dispatch snakes.

    What’s that you say? He can’t handle a shotgun until he’s 35? Oh.

  4. Not to worry. One can dispatch a snake with a hoe. Of course, it takes prior use of a hoe to be able to judge where to strike (no pun intended).

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