Liza Loves to Sing

This is a fine example of how Liza will sometimes say “I dunno!” reflexively.


Turtle is a small plastic turtle who “swims” in a tiny bowl thanks to magnets and a small child’s belief in magic. Liza likes Turtle a lot.


Despite her loud protests, though, Turtle isn’t really her best friend.


Liza is a big fan of bugs. She likes beetles.


She likes butterflies.


She likes ladybugs and bees, though with some reservations about bees.


In fact, she liked the dragonfly on Misty’s necklace.


When she’s not obsessed about bugs, Liza likes to sing. She sings Happy Birthday.


She sings Jingle Bells for hours at a time. Jingle Bells is the toddler song version of water torture. Imagine putting this next clip on repeat all day and you’ll have a terrifying glimpse into my life!


The best part about Liza singing Mary Had a Little Lamb is how quickly she dives into the final consonant in “lamb”.


One night when I was bathing her, Liza suddenly launched into “Yellow Submarine”. “Where did you learn that?” I asked, surprised. “Pop taught me,” she replied.


Liza is willing to go anywhere we want to take her.


Hey, Liza, did you have fun talking into the microphone?


11 thoughts on “Liza Loves to Sing

  1. OMG, that is cute! Love the Yellow Submarine thing. My parents used to record me and my brother when we were young.

  2. I feel ya on the Jingle Bells. It does not stop after Christmas!

    Too cute though. I need to record Phoebe more often (it’ll have to be video in our family, but that’s cool too). For that matter, I need to upload the videos we have taken.

  3. that really takes me back. I mean really. I made a tape much like that (although, of course, the cassette kind, back when cassette recording was the hot thing) ~35 years ago. The Alphabet Song was my favorite, I sang Charley Pride’s “Crystal Chandeliers,” and “That’s mine,” was my favorite phrase. No affinity with bugs, though.

    I am SO impressed with her renditions of “Mary Had…” and “Yellow Submarine.” Jingle Bells, with its one-note melody, is ALWAYS torture. It’s not Liza’s fault.

    YOUR voice, Stephen, is incredible (Yes, I just noticed); apparently the fact that it sometimes tells me science and jokes is only my good fortune, because I will apparently listen to anything you say.

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