I Have Many Facets, Like an Onion

Hey, my game Fragile Shells placed second in the Jay is Games Casual Game Design Competition #7. I’m in a three-way tie for second, mind you, but given the other two games (including Andrew Plotkin’s), I’m quite happy with my placement.

I was also pleased by how my game was reviewed. Gruelove, Matt W., and the always-hilarious Jenni Polodna all had positive things to say about it. Jenni even gives a shout-out to the Zune, which I should have done. In my defense, I expect by the late 21st century they’ll only think of them as iPods, even the sad old Creative NOMADs. At least until a NOMAD returns as a giant space probe who can only be stopped by merging with a bald chick.

Where was I? Oh, yes, second place. Yay!

4 thoughts on “I Have Many Facets, Like an Onion

  1. Rock on Genius! I have had too many children and therefor have lost entirely too many IQ points to be able to successfully navigate your game. I get as far as pulling my leg free and looking around….

  2. It’s always nice to win something! Why, I remember the first time I won something. I was so proud that I put on my prettiest sun dress and just ran and ran as fast as I could. Keep holding onto those dreams, because when you grow up, they just might mean something.

    NAH! YOU’RE THE BOMB, YO! Great job! I’m totally going to load up your game and try to play it!

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