Crazy Hair Day

In honor of Dr. Suess’s birthday this week, Eli’s school has activities planned every day. Today is crazy hair day. Stephen and I decided he looked a bit like an Anime character but since I don’t know anything about Anime really, I have no idea which one.

He started asking me this morning at 6:03 when I would fix his hair. He asked again three minutes later and then about 3 minutes after that. I think he was excited about putting goop in his hair. I’m willing to do just about what ever it takes to keep him interested in learning.

5 thoughts on “Crazy Hair Day

  1. All I can think is 1) SO ADORABLE, and 2) Why didn’t we get to do cool things for Dr. Seuss’s birthday when I was a kid?!

  2. Ally: I know, right?!?!! I’m not sure what I did in Kindergarten but it was no where near as fun as all of my son’s activities.

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