My 2010 GMX Convention Schedule

Next weekend, October 22nd through the 24th, I’ll be up in Nashville, TN attending GMX and holding forth on several panels. Yes, yes, I appear to be turning into one of those people who go to science fiction conventions just to blather at others. What can you do.

I know: you can go to the Radisson Opryland next weekend and hear me talk about science!

Science of the Whedonverse
Saturday 2:00 PM, McGavock A
As at Dragon*Con, I’ll be talking about the actual science behind some of the ideas in Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse. Sadly I don’t have Jennifer Ouellette and Jason Schneiderman making smart observations, as I did at Dragon*Con, but hey, how hard can it be to talk brain science when you’re a physicist?

WhatTheCast Live!
Sunday 12:00 noon, McGavock B
Crispy, Brian and I once again free-associate about various nerd topics, from recent films to Gliese 581 c, as part of a live recording of our Parsec-nominated podcast.

There Ain’t No Stealth in Space
Sunday 1:00 PM, McGavock B
It’s really, really hard to make a spaceship be invisible in outer space, no matter how hard you try. I’ll run through the science of why that is and happily debunk your fool-proof scheme for making a cloaked spaceship.

So come on over and listen to me pontificate! When I’m not paneling I’ll be hanging out chatting, or possibly making a fool of myself in Rock Band.

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  1. Ah, one day I need to try to make a convention and hear you pontificate! Next Dragon*Con, mayhap? Working at the ‘tute, that xkcd is one of my favorites!! Went up on my door the day it came out! 🙂

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