Two Crowdsourced Music Videos

One: the band C-mon & Kpyski, from Utrecht in the Netherlands, created a simple video for their song “More is Less” and asked fans to film themselves duplicating the duo’s motions. They then spliced frames from the fans’ contributions into the original video. The result is hypnotic and utterly engaging.

Two: if that’s not enough for you, how about the Japanese band Sour? For their song Hibi no neiro, they choreographed a video with their fans in which…well, it’s best that you just see the whole thing. And I’m not kidding about the choreography part.

Sometimes, in response to efforts like this, people dismissively sneer, “Those guys have too much time on their hands.” I humbly submit that, if the results are as innovative and fun as these videos, the contributors need more time on their hands.

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