The Snow of Twenty Eleven

Snow day! You know what that means? It means we bundled the kids up in clothes until the excitement of going outside completely drained away.

Eli in his snow gearLiza in snow gear

We even joined in the non-fun!
Misty dressed in her snow gear

Eventually we made it outside and discovered that we’d gotten approximately two feet of snow.

My two feet in the snow.We had to make a snowman, which Liza spent some time peering at.

Liza looking at a lounging snowman

I made Eli pose with the snowman, by which I mean I pointed the camera at the snowman and Eli said, “Dad, take my picture too!”

Eli, Liza and the snowmanWe also had snow ice cream and snowball fights and walked around listening to the very silent city. We never get snow, not like this, so we’ve had a great time playing in it. Hey, people who live in snowier climes, is this what your life is like?

6 thoughts on “The Snow of Twenty Eleven

  1. Love your snowman! I was lazy and didn’t take Z out to play in the snow. The idea of all that bundling and layering was too daunting.

  2. don’t listen to katre. he’s just bitter from the shoveling. the kids had a glorious time with the snow before it turned black.

  3. That’s usually what our life is like after the first snowfall of the year. All of the rest of them are generally met with a collective, “Noooooooo….”

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