Reading Negative Reviews Just Beacuase

There can be a joy in reading negative reviews where the reviewer appears to have seen some Earth-Two version of the novel, movie, or game in question. Charlie Stross recently revisited Amazon one-star reviews of classic books. One of my favorites is from Robert Bolt’s play “A Man for All Seasons”:

It is long and boring. I was uninterested in reading this so called play as soon as I read the first page. It is lame and slow. I highly recomend discarding this play before you realize what I have realized…….it is not worth your time and effort!

Author John Scalzi went a step further, encouraging authors to own one-star reviews of their books. However, if we’re going to talk about negative reviews viewed as entertainment, nothing beats Dot Dot Dot, in which a badly-written negative review is read aloud and set to kinetic word art.

Now that is a negative review.

3 thoughts on “Reading Negative Reviews Just Beacuase

  1. Now I want to play the game. I hate multiple buttons. Back in my day, we had a joystick, and it only went left or right. Push button to fire. THAT’S IT. You kids these days…

    But the reading, oh, the reading was fabulous.

  2. Joystick? Buttons? We just had a knob to move the pong paddle back and forth on the black & white TV (we didn’t even have the color overlays).

    Now, get off my snow-covered lawn…

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