How to Make a Password Encryption Card in One Easy Step

A while back, when talking about password managers, I mentioned that I didn’t store any of my financial passwords in a password manager. Instead, I have a card that assigns three random characters per letter or number. For each bank, I use the first five letters of the bank’s name and then use the card to encrypt those letters. As an example, for “Acme Bank” I’d use “acmeb” and translate that into a fifteen-character-long password using my card.

The website that generated the card for me isn’t around any more, so I re-created the code for anyone who’d like to use a similar scheme.

GENERATE PASSWORD CARD with symbols or without symbols

When you click one of the above links, you’ll get a new webpage with three copies of your randomly-generated password card. Print out that page and cut it into three pieces. Laminate one and stick it in your wallet. Put one of the others in a safe place. The third is for back-up or if you have two people who need to have access to the password card.

7 thoughts on “How to Make a Password Encryption Card in One Easy Step

  1. This is great. Just curious, is it okay that when I first saw the headline on Facebook I clicked it expecting to learn how to make a homemade version of those old-school red and blue codes that you decipher using a piece of red acetate? Like in the home version of the game Password? That’s weird, I guess.

  2. I know you discussed PasswordCard in the previous discussion. What I didn’t see the last time I went to their site is that there is an iPhone and (more importantly) an Android app for PasswordCard. The app does not have permissions to access the network. It just remembers the configuration code for a particular card and displays it.

    So, for those of us that protect our phone about as well as our wallet, it may be a viable alternative.

  3. So most of my financial institutions are not letting me use special characters (*%, etc.) for the passwords. Any possibility of tweaking the code to make one that doesn’t incorporate those characters?

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