Friday Night Videos: What You Need is More U2

I’m guest-hosting FNV this week. And in light of all the torture talk, well, I thought we needed to mellow out with some classic U2. What am I saying? Everyone knew that if I ever hosted FNV the first one would be all U2 videos. It would just be a matter of which ones…

U2: With or Without You from Rattle and Hum (1988)
Stephen will grouch at me when he sees this because he will say this isn’t really a video and he’s set such high standards of video goodness around here. Technically, he’s right, this really isn’t a video. It’s part of a movie which happens to be all music. But this clip has my all-time favorite added U2 lyric at the end. I’ve even gone so far as to record it off of my VCR copy of Rattle and Hum to tape (no jokes about how old I am, please) so I could hear those extra couple of lines. Also, I saw Rattle and Hum in the theatre with Lana Bob! and about 5 other people. It was almost as good as going to a concert because some nice employee turned the sound up to 11 for the show.

U2: New Year’s Day (1983)
An actual video. A bad one, but still a video. This is from the 80s when someone could say, “Wouldn’t it be cool to make a video in the snow? Does anyone have horses?” The best part of this video is watching Larry bang his widdle drum in the back.

U2: Vertigo (2004)
A better U2 video because they spent more than $3 on it. Also, a lovely marriage of song and video inducing said vertigo. Best line: Your love is teaching me how to kneel. Maybe that’s why I love U2 so much, they pretty much always get my theology right.

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Videos: What You Need is More U2

  1. Just like every new guitar player seems to learn Stairway to Heaven, every new bass player (including myself) learns New Year’s Day. I still smile remembering that.

    Also, I find it very interesting in ‘Vertigo’ how Bono counts off 1, 2, 3, 14….

  2. *chuckle* Yeah. I remembered enough of my high school Spanish to catch that detail at the beginning of Vertigo. I actually think I still remember all my numbers up to 100. Not much else.

  3. I guess the counting doesn’t bother me much because that’s so typical of stuff Bono does. This particular time it just got stuck in a commercial.

  4. You totally need to listen to my church’s podcast about U2. They go through each album and talk about it and play clips. These guys have seen U2 about 30 times altogether.
    When I listened to it, I thought of you. I also figured out when and why my admiration of the band wavered somewhat.

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