Tuesday Night Movie Club on the Skids

As some of you know we watch movies at our house on Tuesday nights. Aren’t we clever, clever people for thinking up that oh so descriptive name? From this picture you might think that all the tvs in our house were on the fritz.
You’d be wrong.
What that picture is of is the subset of us who didn’t want to watch the subtitled French black comedy last night, watched Angel instead.
On a 7 inch screen.
Like a bunch of girls at a sleepover.
We had girl talk and milk and cookies too.
Now don’t you want to come and join the Tuesday Night Movie Club?

20 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Movie Club on the Skids

  1. If I ever have to take a trip to our facility in Huntsville, I will make sure that Tuesday’s one of the days I’m there.

  2. Actually, serious question: how far is the TV from Eli’s room? Does the noise ever wake him up? We’re still watching TV with the sound off at night because we don’t want Alim to wake up.

  3. Actually our TV backs up to Eli’s room. We have always watched TV after we put him to bed so it’s never bothered him. I’d love to say this is because we started as we meant to go on but mostly I think it’s because he sleeps like the dead.

  4. I am not even sure if the TV will wake up Alim or if we are just being paranoid. The kid is weird – we watch TV without sound off, but when we had people over and we got a little loud, he slept through just fine. But step on a creaky board outside his room, and he will holler his little lungs out.

  5. Oh what fun! 🙂 I probably would have been in that group. And maybe Rick too. But oh well. We’re having a grand time in Colorado. Pictures will be posted soon!

  6. What fun! I miss the Tuesday night gatherings!

    It really does look like it’s some girl’s night get together with junk food and gossip. 🙂

  7. Oh I know! I could possibly see him not wanting to be the only guy in the group, but I’m sure he’d be more interested in Angel than the movie you guys watched! His masculinity might have won out though in deciding which group he’d need to be in. 🙂

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