Week 6 of Making Something Everyday

Day 36: Glue drying on purple bottle.
day 36
Day 37: Bottle side done. Next up: figuring out how to get the words on the other page.
day 37
Day 38: Holding onto anger is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die. –Buddha
day 38
I got a lot of response to this page. More than I’ve gotten to anything else I’ve done so far this year. I don’t know quite what to make of it other than it strikes a cord with people. I only wish that on the finished page I’d remembered the ‘h’ in Buddha. Ugh! I loved the idea of making the bottle out of torn paper. Some of the purple at the bottom even has tiny skulls in it. So appropriate!

Day 39: Valentine cards in progress.
day 39
Liza's book
Eli's book
Here’s a couple of photos from the insides of their books. We’ve always sung “Twinkle” to Eli at night before he goes to sleep and we tried with Liza but she chose “You are my Sunshine” as her song to close out the day. So their valentine books are those lyrics. Eli’s book is made out of a page from an old wall calendar and it worked out so well in several places, like this ‘shine’ page.

Day 40: Played with stamp making idea from this awesome book. @stephaniecorfee
day 40
You’ll probably see these squiggles in future work!

Day 41: Made a drawing mini book for @Obajoo’s sekret project. Love it when projects overlap!
day 41
My friend, Renée, is working on project similar to mine. I wanted to make something to get her started!

Day 42: Watercolor and salt.
day 42
I don’t know what this is going to be yet. But there’s a gallon of water on that paper and the salt is soaking up the color. The end result will be sort of tie-dyed, I hope. We’ll see what we have tomorrow!

Thoughts from the week:

– I have a ton of resources.
Part of this year long process is for me to use the tools, supplies and resources I have so that I will appreciate all of it. I have lots of reference books. booksI pulled a few off of the shelf to look for ideas for a Valentine’s thing. And while I was looking through those books I realized that I have a really nifty collection. Would I be even as good as I am (and that was by no means a statement of how awesome I am) without all of this? What would I create with only a few meager supplies? What are the fewest number of supplies I could have and still be able to create? These are all interesting questions and I’ll probably take a week at some point this year and explore them.

-What makes my style?
I like a lot of different things and ways people create. I admire a lot of people’s style. Some styles I wish I could do. Some I know that I can’t replicate even in the slightest. So while I am doing this year long project, I hope to see a pattern emerge over time that I am happy with. I’m collecting the photos every day and at the end I hope I can look at them and see something cool. Either growth, or a style, or just to be able to point and say, “This is my body of work.”

4 thoughts on “Week 6 of Making Something Everyday

  1. So how much time do you give to it — 20 minutes, I think? I wonder what would happen if I’d give my photography 20 minutes a day.

  2. Geof: Most days it’s probably closer to an hour. But I still think the 20 minutes every day would do wonders. These things are about practice, practice, practice and less about blind inspiration. Should I make a Barney Stinson challenge?

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