Week 7 of Making Something Every Day

Day 43: Made one AMAZING cut in the watercolor page & now I have a book! Worked on digital portion of content.
day 43
Day 44: Day of many flubs and near disasters. Quitting while I’m ahead.
day 44
Day 45: Inside page of “Roll away your stone” book. (Mumford & Sons obsession reaching annoying proportions.)
day 45
I love it when I see another artist’s work and it is song lyrics. I love it more when they are songs that I recognize and I know it struck a cord with them too. Enough to obsess over it and make art from it. Mumford & Sons isn’t my usual kind of band. But these songs have been playing on the Pandora station I listen to and I’ve gotten addicted to them without realizing it. Last week after Ash Wednesday, I heard “Roll away your stone” and that image just knocked me flat. I listened to it on repeat for two days after that. This little book came out of that.

Day 46: Today, organizing the paper supply is all I’ve got the brain power for.
day 46I felt bad for using my 20 minutes on paper organization but I felt ill and was hurting for ideas. I found lots of good paper to use and I have an organized stack now!

Day 47: Working out my inner goth in the old art journal.
day 47
Day 48: Goth page lightened up with addition of adorable offspring.
day 48
Another song lyric. This time Death Cab for Cutie. This is my kind of band, thanks to Depeche Mode and James A. McMurry. I obsess over this song off and on all the time. I love the imagery in it and especially this line about “living in my own head.” I think just about everybody can relate to feeling like that. (You’ll see the finished page on Day 50!)

Day 49: Waited too late in the day to work on my black page. Started a small notebook instead.
day 49
Becky commented on Facebook that it looked like fish scales. I think that that is just about the most charitable description ever. I might be able to pull this gray mess back from the brink but I’m not making any promises.

Thoughts from the seventh week:

-I had lunch with Mary this week. She and I talked about the creative process and how it is made up of work, work, failure, more work, one shining moment of bliss followed by more work and more failure. It’s a theme I keep circling back to. Will Wheaton had a great post about it this week as well.

It boils down to this: Keep Working! It’s a theme we talk with Eli about all the time. About how life is made up of practicing things you love or want to become good at or are required to for school. Sometimes I feel like if my kids only learn this one thing they will be successful people.

-I’ve started to get some feedback about the work I’ve been doing and oh boy! Is it ever gratifying! I feel like sometimes I’m spamming people a bit with the Twitter posts linked to Facebook every day with the roundup post once a week but three different people have said they enjoy seeing the work every day. I know there’s going to be days later when I’m bogged down and out of ideas but for now, it’s feeling pretty awesome.