Week 8 of Making Something Every Day

Day 50: Finished goth spread. Renamed hermit spread. Enjoyed new watercolor pen technique.
day 50
Love the way this black page turned out. Used watercolor pencil and then went over it with my water pen. It was the first time I had tried anything like it and I am pleased with the almost chalkboard effect I achieved with it. Love, love, love this Death Cab for Cutie lyric.

Day 51: Worked on book cover: worse & worse! Gessoed over it. I’ll see if I can revive it tomorrow.
day 51
Day 52: Notebook cover overhaul. Now to embellishments!
day 52
Day 53: Inside of finished notebook.
day 53
The cover of this book is made of Grungeboard. It’s something I’ve had for so long, from the looks of the site they don’t even sell this kind any more. I’ve not ever had a project to use it, so it’s hung out in my stash. It’s definitely a different kind of material to work with as it soaks up paint more than regular paper will. I painted it and it was a grey blobby mess so I covered it with gesso and used the Gelatos on the front that I had played around with on the back. The finished product is pretty keen, if I do say so myself. Shows how even the grossest mistake can be repaired with some time.

Day 54: The editing process. 3 yellow/orange ATCs in the middle and all the possibilities around it.
day 54
Day 55: Further editing down for the 3 ATCs. I love it when things start coming together.
day 55
Day 56: Finished ATCs. Got too much green on the first one but otherwise pretty happy with them.
Day 56
So often I don’t know where I’m going when I start. I started with yellow and oranges because I almost NEVER use yellow and orange. Then I started pulling out stickers and tiny embellishments and paper. Then, as on Day 54, I have it all laid out at some point to look at it. Then I start editing down. Making decisions as to what belongs and what is not the right color, or the pattern is too big or the style isn’t right. I like the yellow, orange and green wallpaper looking paper that I chose to go with it. I started building the style from that. At the end of Day 55, I still didn’t know exactly where I was going. Sometime in the afternoon I realized that I wanted to do tags and grommets or grommets and ribbon. I had really awesome orange ribbon, so this is where I ended up on Day 56.

Thoughts on the week:
– On making the notebook: I was surprised at how many comments I got on the redo. People asking me what was wrong with the first version. All I can say is that I know when it’s not right. I’m learning to really rely on my instincts here. Once again, leaving projects to sit until the next day gives me some time to ponder and I’ll wonder into the office and look at it and wonder off again. I think about it during the evening and then when I go back to it sometimes I have a better feel on what I want to change.

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