Week 10 of Making Something Every Day

I can’t believe I’ve made it 10 weeks! I have to say, I’m a little bit proud of that.

Day 64: Visited with friends from out of town at our favorite Mexican restaurant. No time at the art table.
day 64
Busy day ending with dinner with some friends. I took a photo of these flags because they reminded me of Nepal and because that was all the art I could generate that day.

Day 65: Finished mermaid-themed mini journal.
day 65
A friend suggested “mermaid” as a theme for this little journal. It’s some mermaids and some just general beach-ness.

Day 66: Thinking about impulse control today and how the art journal is the very best place to give that up.
day 66
Day 67: Watched some great collage YouTube videos today! Inspired!!
day 67
Day 68: Finished art journal spread. Named it Impulsive. Thought of this poem.
day 68
I loved working on this spread in the journal! I did things a little differently. I was intentionally a bit impulsive with my decision making. The first layer, I pretty much just slapped on there and then started pulling it together in the next 2 sessions. Loved it!

Day 68b: Letterpress class!
day 68b
Didn’t do any actual letter pressing but it was a nice history lesson on letterpress.

Day 67: Started some teeny tiny art. 8″x8″ to be cut into 4″x4″ pieces.
day 69
Day 70: Cut into 4″x4″ squares and added more stuff. (Mislabeled yesterday as day 67 instead of 69.) Ugh!
day 70
I’ve been watching YouTube videos of other artists doing their thing and I’ve learned some really nice techniques I want to try. One of the things I saw was this 8″x8″ that you cut down into 4″x4″ pieces. I like the idea of the group making an interesting larger whole or a single piece being able to stand alone. Fun stuff.