Week Eleven of Making Something Every Day

Day 71: Finished 4″x4″ squares. Fun project. I like making a piece and then cutting it down.
day 71
I feel like I am searching for a size of a piece that is ideal for me to work on. All of them present their own challenges and working on a variety of sizes lets me see how I feel working in each space. When I was in college, I always wanted the largest space possible but that’s neither sustainable on a regular basis or necessary for every project. I think I will always be drawn to larger than life pieces though. This 8″x8″ cut down into four 4″x4″ was fun. I like the concept of making and cutting down and then working on the smaller pieces individually with an eye toward making an interesting stand alone piece or one that can work in the whole.

What happened to Day 72? I was too tired to remember to work.
This was a hard week. At some point I sorta lost my drive and started wondering what I was doing here and why. This particular day I had a lot going on and I was seriously sleep deficient so I just spaced. It was so hard to get going again. As is apparent by a yarn post instead of a paper post on Day 73. I’m hoping I can start really digging this time again. I don’t want to give up. I feel like I’m doing some fun stuff and except for college, there hasn’t been another time when I have been this productive creatively. It really is about working every single day.

Day 73: Sometimes it’s a yarn kinda day. “One Step at a Time” shawl in progress.
day 73
A bereavement shawl I’m working on.

Day 74: Working on a new collage. Something I could actually sell!
day 74
Day 75: Now it has a bird on it!
day 75
Day 76: Little additions today. Baby steps.
day 76
Day 77: Finished!
day 77
This piece I started working on because I had such fun in my art journal last week with the spontaneous paper collage/paint piece. This is a 10″x12″ piece that I had leftover from the 8″x8″ from the first part of the week. I grabbed it because it was handy and I really like this size. It’s big enough but something I can still finish in a few days. I like these layers of paint and paper together and I love the bird and the flower at the top. The blue area I’m not in love with but it was fun experimenting with the pen.