Week Twelve of Making Something Every Day

Day 78: Wet paint, wet glue. I think my work here is done.
day 78
Day 79: Working through collage ideas.
day 79

Day 80: My creative partner & I painted some wooden blocks. She declared the blue “perfect TARDIS blue.” I agree!
day 80
We had a good time painting these blocks and now she has a set of blocks she can play with that have some really cool decoration. One of a kind, even.

Day 81: Reworked.
day 81

Day 82: Last day of letterpress class. 4 hours total with a field trip.
day 82
The class was super informative and I learned a lot about letterpress. I had really wanted to get my hands dirty though so in the end, I was a bit disappointed. I’m interested in going and seeing if I can get some time on the letterpress machine to do some prints.

Day 83: Glued everything down. A bit bummed because I reversed the fish layer. Will pay better attention next time.
day 83
Day 84: Added some finished high lights and low lights which are hard to see in the photo. Finished!
day 84
This turned out pretty well. I was disappointed that I got the fish paper turned around backwards. My biggest concern, besides the fish paper, is that in person it feels all the same tone. I need to look at it under some different light to see if its better with different light. Ready to start something new this next week.