Week 13 of Making Something Every Day

Day 85: ATC based on ihanna’s work. See her cool postcards here.
day 85

Day 86: Another ATC today. I think this might be an all ATC week!
day 86

Day 87: There’s a bird on this ATC. No surprise there, huh?
day 87

Day 88: Liza’s first word was “buh-fly.”
day 88

Day 89: Put (another) bird on it! A magic bird that enchants Anwyn and makes her mind. Fairy tales…
day 89

Day 90: Continuing the 2 themes of the week: ATC of flying things.
day 90

Day 91: Broke my bird streak. Oh well.
day 91

Some notes on the all ATC week:
– Clearly I like me some birds and insects!
– I’ve gotten a bunch of little spray bottles that I’ve filled with a mixture of acrylic paint and water. I can spray and play. That’s where a lot of the backgrounds this week came from.
– I worked on several backgrounds at once and then finished one a day. Because of waiting for things to dry, it just worked better this way. I also felt like I hit a really good stride using this method. I had something I wanted to work on everyday because I’d worked a bit ahead for several days.
– Used a lot of pink this week. Not a color I normally go to first but I like how pink finished off several day’s work just right.
– Looking at the composition of these ATCs, I see that I like to move things from the lower left to the upper right. I’ve never noticed that about how I work before but things just feel more balanced that way.
– Best of all, it was fun!

2 thoughts on “Week 13 of Making Something Every Day

  1. Your ATC:s are very pretty, I especially like the bird and background of the “magic” card. And thanks for the mention/link, so glad I inspired you!

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