Week 14 of Making Something Every Day

Day 92: Be of good cheer, daughter.
day 92
I’ve not been giving away the things I’ve made this year. I have a giant stack of stuff. This one however, I gave to a friend because it seemed like it needed to be with her.

Day 93: What sort of art supply/tool am I making? Answer tomorrow!
day 93
So I got Liza this book for Easter. I figured that we could work through some of the projects this summer. It’s like art camp! But for the price of a book! My kind of camp! The book is really great for intro projects to a lot of different art techniques. I found the one for gelatin printing particularly interesting. I made one plate, had to go to the store for more gelatin. Used that plate until it fell apart and then made another with the help of Becky and Ashley at craft night.

Day 94: first mono prints from my gelatin plate!
day 94
What I’m coming to realize about the gelatin printing though is that I need more stencils. I knew that before but didn’t have a good enough reason to buy more. Now I do!

Day 95: My favorite prints from today’s session with the gelatin plate.
day 95
I’ve got a ton of good material to work with from the plate and stencils.

Day 96: I made a storm hidey-hole for my craft today. (Here’s hoping we don’t have to get in it with the dog.)
day 96
Such a long, stressful day! Kids got out early from school because of the weather. Then we ended up all in the hidey-hole for about 30 minutes. So. Not. Fun. I was too tired by the end of all that to think about anything but going to bed.

Day 97: Using one of the gelatin prints as a background for a collage.
day 97
I used the plainest print from my sessions to start a collage.

Day 98: I am pretty pleased with the way this picture is shaping up.
day 98
Not finished with this one yet. I think I’m going to put a quote of some kind on the tag. Don’t know yet. Still thinking…