Week 17 of Making Something Every Day

This was a good week on many levels. I’m pleased with the way my art went this week. Stephen sold my old car. Worked on The Water Glass presentation that Hallie and I are making next week. Got to visit several groups of friends throughout the week. Loved it!

Day 113: Calling this one done.
day 113
I test hung this piece over my mantel in my living room and I’m pretty sure I’m going to swap out the Picasso print I’ve had hanging there for 10 years with this one. I like the way this piece turned out and I like the Jewish prayer in the white boxes on the right. It’s one of those things that now that it’s done, I can look at and forget that I made it.

Day 114: Took day 110, made it into 4×6″ postcards. They are yours @domesticat, if you’re interested!
day 114
I love the way this set of postcards turned out. The colors that were so crazy when I first did the background on Day 110 turned into a really pleasing whole at the end.

Day 115: Love this new background I’m working on!
day 115
Anything that even sorta kinda approaches obsession for me would be tied up in this color. I often have to MAKE myself choose a different color palette.

Day 116: It’s nearly impossible for me to use this color and not think “TARDIS!”
day 116
See the note above and add to that a sense of adventure for any age which is what I think of when I think of the TARDIS. That’s all wrapped up in this color for me as well.

Day 117: 2 new postcards finished.
day 117
I love the way this whale turned out. I don’t usually attempt too much actual drawing because it’s not my best thing and I cannot help comparing anything I do to the most excellent drawerings of my friend, Renée. So usually I just don’t bother. But there was a whale in this postcard, I could see it before I found the title in one of Stephen’s old scifi magazines. Once I found the title, I had to make the whale come out.

Day 118: Another TARDIS postcard & my friend @JerusalemGreer’s new book. Just got it in the mail!
day 118
I went to college with Jerusalem but lost touch with her over the years. I’ve reconnected with her and Jeanetta through the power of the internets! And that reconnection makes me unreasonably happy. If you are interested in liturgy and finding ways to fit it into your life in a meaningful way, go check out Jerusalem’s new book. It’s full of yummy recipes and beautiful photographs! Love it!

Day 119: Another Doctor Who postcard. Tomorrow: something NOT blue.
day 119
Did I mention I love this show?

Day 119b: Here are the 4 blue postcards together.
day 119b
Someone asked me yesterday what the whale had to do with Doctor Who. Nothing really, I just saw a whale in that one.

4 thoughts on “Week 17 of Making Something Every Day

  1. Love them all, as usual.

    Your friend’s book looks really neat! I definitely want to look at it sometime.

  2. Yes I am so glad we have reconnected and for the inspiration you have been to go after my latent artistic abilities. I ordered the books. They should be here Wednesday. Can’t wait 🙂

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