Week 18 of Making Something Every Day

Day 120: Star of Cracker Barrel for 1/3 of a year!
day 120
So yeah, I’ve being doing this for a third of a year now. In my mind, it’s kinda a big deal.

Day 121: It’s not blue! Gonna make some more postcards.
day 121
Renée said it was the end of my blue period. I don’t think it’s the end, just a pause to enjoy some different colors. Also, you can see the backwards letters that I printed in this shot. While I was using the gelatin plate, I took my letter stencils and plunked them on the plate. Too bad I forgot that it would be backward. Sometimes the art side of my brain overrules the brain part of my brain.

Day 122: I’m so in love with this postcard this morning!
day 122
Yep, still loving this one. I might have to get it framed.

Day 123: Flight, feathers, and song postcard.
day 123
This one turned out well, I think. Not as well as Day 122 but hey, not every album can be The Joshua Tree. What I wrote on it is actually, “feathers, flight, and song” I got it transposed when I tweeted it.

Day 124: Background. Yeah, I don’t know what it’s going to be either. (Hint: not postcards!)
day 124
Oh, the time when the thing is only a background and I wonder to myself what will I do with this one? Will it be a flop? Will I end up having to trash it? Will it be something I love forever and never want to part with? Will it be something that someone else will love? Oh, the fake agony.

Day 125: Experiment! (With art!) Sadly, no trees.
day 125

Day 126: Added a sheep but I’m still not happy with it. It feels like a big muddy mess.
day 126
I’m just not happy with how this one is going. It may end up in the trash. I’ll give it one more look tomorrow and then I may call it done/trash. Meh.

This Week!
Wow! This week! So I sold a piece.
day 81
Ann bought this for her living room and I’m so glad it went to a loving home! It’s not the first piece of art I’ve ever sold but it has a great deal of meaning for me since it comes from this year long project. The bonus is the money she paid me is going to my Nepal trip fund!

Another friend is trying the Make Something Every Day Challenge. You can read about the beginning of Jeanetta’s adventures on her blog. Her first piece is so excellent!

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