Week 19 of Making Something Every Day

Day 127: love postcard.
day 127

Day 128: A whole mess of proto-ATCs.
day 128
Can’t wait to get back to these guys but I got distracted by remaking my kitchen art.

Day 129: looking forward to talking to folks about clean water tomorrow.
day 129
I designed the logo for The Water Glass about a year ago. The labels for the water bottles I made this week. I’m proud to say it’s one of my best logos ever. I’m proud to be a part of this organization. I’m proud that we are in the business of making other people’s lives a little bit easier.

Day 130: Recycled art.
day 130
My mom bought me this picture about 10 years ago. She was here this week and said I could paint over it if I wanted to. I nearly broke land speed records getting it out of the frame. She jokingly told me not to waste any time getting it done.

Day 131: Flower power! More on the recycled art board for my kitchen.
day 131
I started with the thought of that big blue petal and a big green petal. The rest just fell into place.

Day 131b: Also, I know I’ve had an awesome art day when my hands look like this and THE PAINT WON’T COME OFF!
day 131b
Love this so much!

Day 132: Working on the flower for the kitchen.
day 132
It’s getting there but too bright. Gotta tone it down.

Day 133: Science is art! We saw the DNA of a strawberry. It looked really cool so I’m totally counting it.
day 133
It blows my mind that you can see the DNA so easily and it is so easy to do with stuff around the house. I don’t think the kids got the full impact of what we were looking at. I have to admit I teared up a little bit as I thought about the creativity that goes into science breakthroughs.

This week!
My friend, Kae, is doing a cool project over at Team Stripey Socks called #15minfanart. She works on post-it notes and makes wonderful geek fandom mashups every day. Go check out the blog for her previous work or follow her tweets: @TeamStripeySock.