Week 30 of Making Something Every Day

Day 200: Go Travel Nepal ATC. Also! Day 200, guys!!!
day 200
My colorist, Renée, colored the background on this one using my cool watercolor crayons. Then instead of the cartoon car that was on the card originally, I covered it up with yet another Nepal stamp. I have to go back to Nepal just to get more stamps!

Day 201: Replenished the stock today.
day 201
Pigeon Forge has a Scrapbooking outlet store. All the gals were running around finding stuff for me! It was the perfect shopping experience especially since when I got to the register, they took 50% off of everything!

Day 202: Sometimes the best thing you can do is rip the yarn out and start over. (Dog is totally helping!)
day 202
I started a pattern by a designer that I love. I thought I understood the pattern but after a couple of days of trying to make the pattern do what I thought it should be doing, I ended up emailing her and asking for some tips. Big surprise (not really) I was reading the pattern wrong.

Day 203: Beginning of a special shawl. It will go to Poland with my friend to give to her 4 new kid’s foster mom.
day 203
So excited for her and her big, new family!

Day 204: Fun Times Butterfly tag.
day 204
Some of the new supplies!

Day 205: You’ll dream about that box. (Four 5″ panels)
day 205
Finishing up an old project! Not as happy with it as I’d like to be but it was fun to do!

Day 206: 57 of 120 squares done for a blankie.
day 206
Dog thought the blankie was pretty exciting as well or maybe that was just because I was standing on a kitchen chair.

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  1. Hehe, I’m your colorist! I love it 😀 Lots of SUPER awesome stuff this week. That blankey is gonna be HUGE!

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