Week 31 of Making Something Every Day

Day 207: Abundance ATC.
day 207
Lately, every time I make an ATC I feel like it is the best one I’ve made so far. I guess that means I’m growing.

Day 208: Enchanted butterfly ATC.
day 208

Day 209: Sojourn ATC.
day 209

Day 210: Seek Hope ATC.
day 210

day 208, 209, 210

After the second ATC, a friend commented that I had a nice series going. So then I had to make it an actual thing.

Day 210b: Bonus art today! “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” tag. 3×6″
day 210b

Love how this came together. It has ALL THE COLORS!

Day 211: A world of imagination postcard.
day 211

day 211 option 2

day 211 option 1

I usually have several options going on for one thing. Here’s the other two options for Day 211. I felt like the one I went with was visually the strongest and most unified.

Day 212: Tourista Carpe Diem Postcard.
day 212

I dig how this one turned out.

Day 213: (a day late) Clearance sale haul! 261 die cuts! So excited!
day 213

Can’t wait to make something with some fish!