Week 32 of Making Something Every Day

Day 214: decided to make some solid color squares for the border.
day 214
I’m almost out of boarder yarn so I’m slowing down for a while on this project until my yarn supplies are replenished!

Day 215: Pink Butterfly postcard.
day 215
This is the last of these pink cards with music on them. Just means I’ll have to make more.

Day 216: Brighten Beach postcard.
Day 216
I crack my own self up with the play on Brighton Beach!

Day 217: finished ruffle scarf.
day 217
Love this blue!

Day 218: 4 new postcard backgrounds.
day 218
I have so much fun making these postcard backgrounds. I just never gets old.

Day 219: Splash postcard.
day 219
One of my favorite ones I’ve made in a while.

Day 220: Fly Away With Me postcard.
day 220
Stephen asked where I got the big plane. Out of one of these 4 boxes of of parts, I answered.